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Rediscover the richness of worship that is biblically sound, historically connected, and spiritually directed. Worshipedia is a large and growing resource with broad applications for all individual believers, students of worship, artists and musicians, worship leaders, and ministers at all levels of service.

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I am honored and deeply grateful to be able to introduce you to the riches and depth offered by Worshipedia. This on-line, searchable site provides resources combining great theological truth with practical tools to serve the Church. As our culture drifts further away from the heart of God, it is our Holy call to lift high the Name that is above all other names.

- Sheila Walsh,  Author, Speaker & Songwriter

An excellent resource for church leaders who seek the enrichment that comes from looking beyond denominational lines.

- Ronald Sprunger, Professor Emeritus, Ashland Theological Seminary

The culture we swim in distorts everything we do. Our worship activities naturally drift in therapeutic and consumerist currents that turn the self into the center of worship. The resources available at can give us the historical and theological perspective to awaken from the self-centered dream and to remember Who we worship and therefore how we ought to worship.

- David Neff, Former Editor-in-Chief, Christianity Today

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God has given each believer a unique story to live and proclaim. Through our ministries, our prayers, our praises, and our daily lives, we are called to embrace and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Worshipedia would like to hear how God is working in and through you and the community you fellowship with. We’d also like to hear your insights, your prayer requests, your challenges and concerns, your victories and breakthroughs – and, with your permission, we’d like to include your story in our Daily Scroll so it can become part of the global church’s story.