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The Hebrew Scriptures, especially the Psalms, employ a rich vocabulary of words denoting acts and features of worship. These words may apply to expressions of speech or music, to movements and gestures, to offering and sacrifice, to the general attitude of worship, and to festivals and places of worship. In the Psalms these terms are often strung together in extended calls to worship (Psalms 9:1–2; 33:1–3; 68:3–4; 81:1–4; 92:1–4; 98:4–6; 100:1–4; and others) or narratives of the worshiper’s activity (Psalm 63:1–5). The following eight entries discuss most of these terms, referring them to their Hebrew equivalents and citing examples of usage. Please note, Hebrew verbs may exist in a number of forms or “constructions,” and a verbal root may have a different meaning in its various constructions. For example, the verb shavar, “break,” in the intensive construction shibber, would mean “shatter.” This discussion will refer to the applicable form. Verse numbers for the Psalms cite the English translation; Hebrew verse numbers often differ, because in the Hebrew text the Psalm superscription, if any, is verse 1.

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